Wednesday Night Service

Wednesday Night Church Worship Service in Newaygo County MI at Woodville Community Church of Norwich Twp

Please join us each Wednesday evening at 7 pm as we take time out to pray and study God’s Word


We invite you to join us for a time of prayer and the study of God’s Word. Like the early church, we believe that prayer is the means God uses to accomplish His will on earth.

Our informal Wednesday evening service begins with singing, prayer, and a message from God’s Word to focus our hearts on the Lord. We believe that God-honoring prayer on behalf of our church, city, and nation is extremely important in the days we are living. We share prayer requests, pray for those in our congregation who have needs and share in the praises of answered prayer. We finish the night with turning to the study of God’s Word and what He wants to say to us in the middle of a busy week.

Whether you are a prayer warrior, are in need of prayer yourself, or simply need to focus on a deeper understanding of the Scriptures, we invite you to join us on Wednesday evenings to refocus your heart towards the Lord.


Our night consists of…


      Prayer Time (for our church & community)

      Bible Lesson

Our Current Series


Jesus renamed Peter “the rock”…a name befitting his bold character and what became his solid ministry. Referred to as “the first” among the twelve disciples, he was also the man God used to pen this dynamic epistle.

Though Peter was a Galilean fisherman-turned apostle, he was a person we can definitely relate to today. He tasted the extreme highs and lows of life…from days spent in blessed fellowship with Christ to the heart-wrenching test of loyalty when he denied his Lord three times in the temple courtyard.

This is a bittersweet story that ultimately offers hope to refresh us in a dark world. And its an excellent reminder that when we falter, Christ extends His strong hand of restoration