Adult Sunday School Classes

We gather together every Sunday morning with two time options for our Adult Sunday School Class: 9 & 11:45 am. This year we have three separate adult classes available. Teens are welcome to these studies.

We break for the summer months; June-August; and start back up in September.


We gather together every Sunday following the worship service at 9 am for our Adult Sunday School Class. Join us at Woodville Community Church in White Cloud Michigan.

Systematic Theology:
Pastor Brett Werner offers a look at what we believe and why we believe the central truths of the Bible. We will examine where traditional theology may differ from what we believe at Woodville Community Church. We will look at the issue of baptism, end times, and the doctrines of grace. This class begins at 11:45 am, following the morning worship service.

A Cause for Creation from Geology
Teacher Harry King will continue where he left off with an explanation of how creation is seen through the lens of the geological record. We will see how the facts of geology form a solid foundation for a young earth. There will be skits, movies, and much more throughout this study. This class begins at 9 am before morning worship.

Spiritual Warfare
Teacher Pete Alley will examine the pieces of spiritual armor mentioned in Ephesians 6. Each piece of armor is important as we take our stand against the spiritual forces of wickedness. In this unique study you will learn how to “take up” each piece of armor and be ready to stand your ground.This class begins at 9 am before morning worship.